The faculties of zoology vertebrates and zoology invertebrates of animals exist since 1920. By the founders of faculties: А.L.Brodskiy, D.N.Kashkarov.


History of these faculties are indissolubly connected with each other. The faculty of zoology invertebrates of animals with 1920 on 1943y. was managed by the deserved figure of a science, prof. Аvraam Lvovich Brodskiy, with 1943-1986 faculty the winner by the state premium akademik managed. А.Т.Tulaganov, with 1986-1997 faculty supervised prof. Z.N.Narbaev, since 1997-2006 supervised over faculty Senior lecturer B.A.Muminov.


Over faculty of zoology vertebrates with 1920-1936y. supervised prof. D.N.Kashkarov, 1936-1987y. akademik T.Z.Zakhidov, 1981-2010y. prof. I.K.Kadirov. Since 2010 manages faculty G.A.Abduraxmonova.


Abduraxmonova Gulnora Abduraxmonovna (16.10.1959), nationality - uzbek. 1992 has ended the Tashkent State university, biology-soil faculty, faculty of zoology invertebrates. A theme of the candidate dissertation "Fitonematodes of plants” and importance agrotechtical of the factors in formation of their communities" (2004). Area of scientific activity: zoology, fitogelmintology, sistematics, biology, ecology of fitonematods, influence of anthropogenous and other factors in formation biocenotic of complexes fitonematods.


Now on faculty the bachelors on directions ixtiology and biology are trained. On faculty the professor-teaching structure reads rates in subjects of zoology, ihtiology, anatomy of the man, biology of individual development and on general parasitological. On faculty are trained magistrs on specialities ihtiology, zoology, parasitology, general biology.


On faculty there is doctorantures, a post graduate course on a speciality 03.00.08.- zoologies.


Till the present time professor-teaching structure of faculty to bring in the contribution in development of zoology in Uzbekistan.


Now research are spent on a biological variety of fauna of Uzbekistan. The scientific jobs are spent on directions: ihtiology, hydrobiology, entomology, fitogelmentology, ornithology, gistology and soil biology. At faculty there is a zoological museum and ornithological collection. Where more than 23500 exhibits are stored.


The faculty has connection with research institutes Academic of since Republic of Uzbekistan. There is a branch-centre of science at institute of zoology Academic of since Republic of Uzbekistan.

Structure of faculty:

  1. Senior lecturer Abduraxmonova Gulnora Abduraxmonovna - manager by faculty
  2. Senior lecturer Muksimov Fayzulla Abdullayevich
  3. Senior lecturer Muminov Boqijon Alimovich
  4. Senior lecturer Eshova Xolisa Saidovna
  5. Senior lecturer Sadikova Sayyora Atabayevna
  6. Senior lecturer Rakhimov Matnazar Shomurodovich
  7. Senior lecturer Karayev Ruslan Mixaylovich
  8. Senior lecturer Kuzmetov Abdulaxmet Rayimberdiyevich
  9. Item ticher Atakhodjaev Alisher Abdulatifovich
  10. the assistant Raxmonva Laylo Abduraxmonovna
  11. the assistant Ibragimov Qaxramon Saparbaevich
  12. the assistant Mirzaboyev Akrom Berdiboyevich
  13. the assistant Choriyeva Sofiya Choriyevna

Besides on faculty teach magistrs special rates and supervise over the post-graduate students, from doctors the conducting experts of zoology: academic Azimov J.A., professor Mirabdullaev I.M., professor Mitropolskiy O.V., professor Hamraev A Sh., professor Dadaev S.D.