Department Of Biophysics

The department has been organized in 1979 at the initiative of the academician of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan B. A. Tashmuhamedov, experts with higher education on specialties the biophysics and bioinformatics here prepare.


Julia Vladimirovna Levitskaya PhD, a chair of department of biophysics

e-mail:; the office number: 46-88-82.

  • Was born in 1974 in Tashkent, in a family of employees.
  • laboratorian of I Tashkent medical institute.
  • 1997 - has ended biologo-soil faculty and has arrived in postgraduate study of TashGU on a full-time department.
  • 2001 - has protected the doctor's thesis on a theme: «Influence of vitamin В12 on calcium homeostasis and the energy status of animal cells».
  • 2004 - has passed on tender on a post of the assistant to chair of biophysics of National university of Uzbekistan.
  • 2006 - scientific training at University of Lodz (Poland).
  • 2008 - scientific training in scientific research institute of Biology of Development of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Moscow (Russia).
  • 2009 - has passed on tender on replacement of a vacant post of the manager of chair of biophysics of biology-soil faculty of National university of Uzbekistan which occupies on the present.

Members of department:

  • Tashmuhamedov Bekzhan Ajbekovich - a Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor, the academician of Acad.Sci Uzb.
  • Mirhodzhaev Ulugbek Zakirovich - a Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor
  • Sabirov Ravshan Zairovich - a Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor
  • Radzhabova Gulbahor Guljamovna – PhD, the senior lecturer
  • Umarova Fatima Tadzhibaevna - the senior teacher
  • Tonkhih Anatoly Konstantinovich - PhD, the leading research assistant of research laboratory “Biophysics of membranes”.
  • Tojirov Uktam Bozorkulovich – the teacher
  • Charishnikova Oksana Stanislavovna – the teacher
  • Kurbannazarova Ranohon Sharapovna - PhD, the senior teacher.
  • Tsiferova Nargiza Aleksandrovna – the teacher

The chair of biophysics during the existence has prepared more than 300 experts-biophysicists. Among them 6 doctors of sciences and about 30 PhD. Graduates of chair successfully work in scientific research institute of Acad.Sci Uzb, in republic system of ministry of education, and also in leading laboratories abroad.


At institute of physiology and biophysics of Acad.Sci 1969 the branch is created, and in 1995 the scientifically-educational center of chair is created. Employees of institute actively participate in processes on preparation of experts.


The scientific direction of department of biophysics and laboratory functioning at it «Biophysics of membranes» is presented by basic researches in the field of biophysics of cellular structures and their functions, mechanisms of ionic transport, cellular signaling system, an energy exchange system, ways and methods of their regulation.



  • basic mechanisms of ionic transport in biological membranes;
  • study of the intracellular mechanisms of action of the physiologically active compounds;
  • study of the correlation between lipid peroxidation processes and phospholipase activity under normal and various pathological conditions;
  • study of mechanisms of action of biologically active natural and artificial compounds on growth and development of plants;
  • investigation of the energetic state of cells undergoing apoptosis;
  • study of the mechanisms of regulatory effects of low-frequency electromagnetic waves on plants and microorganisms and developing on this basis reliable technologies for increasing the productivity of plants and efficiency of microbiological processes.


  • the method of electrodefoliation of cotton is developed and patented.
  • the generator of electromagnetic impulses and method of its practical use for the purpose of increase of productivity of some industrially important microorganisms (Thiobacilluss ferrooxidans, providing valuable metals from sailings of Almalyk and Navoi mountain-metallurgical industrial complexes) is developed and increases of productivity of seeds with low growing introduction of a method of their processing by means of the generator of the electromagnetic impulses developed on chair is spent, allowing to increase productivity by 30 %.
  • are opened a new ionophores from a class vegetative terpenoids and the crown-ethers which are not only tools in research membrane-bounded of mechanisms, but also capable to increase bioavailability various drugs, and also directly to participate in start apoptosis in ontological cells.
  • the new water-soluble antioxidant – rometin is opened and patented.
  • the new parties of the mechanism of action of some biologically active sub-stances are established: tyroxin, vitamin В12, glicerhyzic acids, derivatives of gossipol, some metalloorganic complex connections that expands a scope of the given preparations in medicine and allows to receive new tools in treatment of ischemic, oncological and many other diseases, and also to use some of the investigated connections as effective growth factors and development of plants.




  • 420100 – biology
  • 420600 - biophysics


  • 5А420109 –bioinformatics
  • 5А 420105- biophysics


  • 03.00.02 – biophysics



The biophysics is a science about physical and physical and chemical laws of biological processes and the phenomena. Its development – a necessary condition of the further successes of adjacent areas of biology, theoretical and applied medicine, agriculture. Biophysics – a youngish science though it is possible to carry to it and L.Galvani's experiences of 200-year-old prescription on generation of an "animal" electricity, the theory of blood circulation of Garveja (the middle of 17 century), or methods of treatment D’arsonvalle (1851-1940). Graphic evidence of value of a science of biophysics are Nobel Prizes with which historical marks of development of this science, such as the theory of electrolits (Arrenius, 1903), thermodynamics (Nernst, 1920), monolayers (Lengmjur, 1932), the communication theory (Poling, 1954), myoglobin structure (by Kendrju and Peruts, 1962), the mechanism of a nervous impulse (Haksli, Ekls and Hodzhkin, 1963) and synapse transfers (Katz, Axelrod and a background Euler, 1970), chemioosmotic theory (Mitchel, 1978), the method invention petch-klamp (Neer and Sakman, 2001), water and potassium channels (Agra and MakKinnona, 2003 have been noted).


The biophysics first steps in Uzbekistan are connected with opening of department of biochemistry and biophysics in 1962 where Professor Jalkin Holmatovich Turakulov (subsequently the academician of Acad.Sci Uzb) has started to read the general course on biophysics. On the same department in 1963 began the scientific both pedagogical activity and Bekzhan Ajbekovich Tashmuhamedov with which name formation of Biophysical school of Uzbekistan is connected. In 1979 biochemistry and biophysics department has been divided on two independent departments: Department of biochemistry and biophysics and preservation of the environment Department. In 1988 on the basis of biotechnological group of de-partment of biophysics (prof. M.M.Rakhimov) the independent department of biotechnology and cellular biology has been organized, and the biophysics and preservation of the environment Department has been renamed into biophysics Department.


From the moment of the organization and till 1986 the department was headed by the professor, and in Acad.Sci Uzb. subsequent the academician B.A.Tashmuhamedov. In 1985-2001 chair pupils of B. A.Tashmuhamedov, Professor Albert Ivanovich Gagelgans – the known expert in the field of bio-energetics and ionic transport managed. With 2001 chair Maria Vsevolodovna Zamaraeva, and in 2005 – professor Ravshan Zairovich Sabirov, since 2009 – PhD Levitskaja J.V., all natives of B.A.Tashmuhamedov's Biophysical school. Within the precincts of department such remarkable scientists and teachers, as Professor Rakhimov M. M, Gagelgans A.I., Mirhodzhaev U.Z., Zamaraeva M. V, Sabirov R. Z., Kasymov M. M, Sadykova K.A., Tonkih A.K., Lukin Ю, Boldyrev V. K, Vagina O. N, Gordienko Н, Mareninova O. A, Nasimova З, Tohtaeva E.T., Sukocheva О, Orynbaeva З, Abramov A.J., Abdrashitova E.V., Mamatova Z.A., Asjamova S.A., Abdirova A.C., Sajfullina G. L. Beskina O. A, Jaryshkin O. V, Tarinova M. V, Kamburova V. S, Ionov M. В, Levitskaja J.V., Kurbannazarova R. Sh, Lukjanova S.V., Radzhabova G. G, Sharafutdinova U.T., the item teacher Umarova F.T., Abdullaev Х, Tojirov U.B., Charishnikova O.S., who have brought the invaluable contribution to development of a biophysical science and preparation of highly-skilled personnel the teachers.


Practically since the origin moment, the Biophysical school has given rise to a powerful stream of basic researches not only at University, but also in Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. So, in 1965 B.A.Tashmuhamedov has organized and has headed biophysics laboratory at Institute of Nuclear physics of Acad. Sci. UzSSR (1965-1977). In 1977 on the basis of this laboratory at Institute of biochemistry of Acad. Sci. UzSSR the Department of biophysics over which B.A.Tashmuhamedov supervised till 1985 has been created. The structure of this department included laboratories of biophysics of a cell (prof. Tashmuhamedov), molecular biophysics (prof. Bekmuhametova Z.U.) and biophysics of membranes (prof. Gagelgans A.I.) leading the researches on the biological physics, electrophysiology, molecular biophysics and physiological aspects of biochemistry. Further these laboratories were a part of Institute of physiology and biophysics of Acad. Sci. Uzb, which B.A.Tashmuhamedov headed in 1985-1992 Nowadays the director of this institute pupil of B.A.Tashmuhamedov, professor Pulat Bekmuratovich Usmanov is. The department of biophysics and physiology and biophysics Institute has played an exclusive role in preparation of highly-skilled personnel – candidates and doctors of sciences – in the field of biophysics. So, in its walls such known scientists, as doctors of bioljgy have grown. Sciences Bekmuhametova Z.U., Kasymov A.K., Gagelgans A.I., Mirsalihova N.M., Gajnutdinov M. H, Tujchibaev M. U, Ahmerov R. N, Krasilnikov O. V, Sabirov R. Z, Kalikulov Д, Mahmudova E.M., Ahmedzhanov I.G., Atakuziev B. U, Asrarov M. I, Gizzatulina Z.Z. With a view of strengthening of communication of department with base scientific institution, in 1988 at Institute of physiology and biophysics of Acad. Sci. Uzb the branch of department of biophysics in which bachelors, masters and post-graduate students of chair study base methods of modern biophysics has been organized and conduct the scientific researches.


Biophysical school, having arisen at University, has given powerful roots not only at physiology and biophysics Institute, but also at other scientific research institutes of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. So, rightfully it is possible to rank group of biophysicists of Institute of bioorganic chemistry as this school led by academician Aripov T.F. as a part of the professor Salahutdinov B. A. and of some talented scientists as Ionov M. В, Zijatdinova Р, Kasymbetov P.G. Members of Biophysical school conducted and conduct the researches also at biochemistry Institute (Jukelson L.J., Gussakovskij E.E., Shkinev А.В, etc.) and at Zoology and parasitology institute (Ahmerov R. N, Cossacks И, Magyarov Ш.Р.)


Representatives of Biophysical school of Uzbekistan actively work now in the leading world centers of a science. It is necessary to note group of scientists at the Californian university in Los-Angeles (Vagina O. N, Mareninova O. A, Azimov R. R, Azimov R. K, Yakubov И, Tohtaeva E.T.), scientists of Alabama University in Birmingham (Ismailov I.I., Berdyev B., Kalikulov Д), group at Japanese National Institute of physiology (Sabirov R. Z, Abdullaev I.F., Tojchiev A.H.), at University Resife in Brazil (Juldasheva L.N., Merzljak P. G), at Free University Brusselja (Shlensky Century Г), in the London Royal college (Abrams А, Kosymov В), at Belostoksky University (Zamaraeva M. V) and University Lodz (Ionov M. V.) in Poland, at Institute of biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino (Ternovsky C.), and also at scientific research institutes and Universities of Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, etc.


In January, 2010 the scientific community of Uzbekistan haunted the 75 anniversary from the date of a birth of the founder of school of biophysics of Uzbekistan, the winner of the State award of the USSR, the winner of the State award of UzSSR after Beruniy, academician of Academy of Sciences of Republic Uzbekistan, the doctor of biology sciences, the professor, Tashmuhamedov Bekdzhan Ajbekovich. In the history of life and activity of Bekzhan Ajbekovich as in a mirror is reflected formation and development of the school of thought created by it.


B.A.Tashmuhamedov was born on January, 27th, 1935 in Tashkent, in a family of known Uzbek writer Ajbeka. In 1958, having ended biological faculty of the Moscow State University, B.A.Tashmuhamedov was training in postgraduate study at department of human physiology and animals of the Moscow State University, where under the direction of the classic of physiology of prof. Koshtoyanc Kh.S. in 1962 has protected the PhD thesis on a theme «To comparative physiology and a neuropharmacology of receptors of a stretching of arthropods (crustaceans and insects)».


Further B.A.Tashmuhamedov has continued researches of excitable membranes with wide use of physiological and biophysical approaches and methods. B.A.Tashmuhamedov with employees have found out functional heterogeneity of Na +, K +—АТPase in nephrone and supposed the scheme of hormonal regulation of transport of ions in kidneys (1968). The same years B.A.Tashmuhamedov begins studying of cell bioenergetics in connection with transport of Ca2 + in mitochondria and sarcoplasmatic reticulum. A result of researches 1969-1970 was B.A.Tashmuhamedov's thesis for a doctor's degree «Active transport of ions through biological membranes» which has been protected at Institute of biophysics Acad.Sci. USSR (Moscow) in April, 1971


After protection of the thesis for a doctor's degree B.A.Tashmuhamedov heads researches in the field of physiological regulation of functions of membranes and in this connection studies mechanisms of action of physiologically active substances (hormones, warm glycosides, zoo- and phytotoxins, pesticides, феромонов insect’s pheromones, membraneactive complexons etc.) on membranes and specific membrane formations. In the course of performance of all-Union programs «Nervous impulse» and «the Ionic channel» B.A.Tashmuhamedov and employees it is spent classification of toxins-modifiers and toxins-kanaloformers, a number of the new toxins operating on lipid skeleton of membranes which block Na channels of excitable membranes, cooperating with pre-synapse membranes of synapse vertebral and arthropods is allocated.


In 1985 for a series of works on studying of the mechanism of action of neurotoxins B.A.Tashmuhamedov has been awarded ranks of winner USSR, and in 1989 – the State award of UzSSR by Beruniy.


B.A.Tashmuhamedov's researches and its school were recognized scientific community not only at us in the country, but also abroad. B.A.Tashmuhamedov was repeatedly invited for lecturing and reports to the various international congresses and symposiums (Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Peru, Denmark, Singapore), and also spent physiology-biophysical researches in various laboratories of the world (University of Gumbolda, Berlin, 1975; Merilendsky university, the USA, 1978; the Soviet-Peruvian biological station, Peru, 1988; the Cambridge university, Great Britain, 1989; National institute of phy-siology, Okazaki, Japan, 2001, 2003).


Bekzhan Ajbekovich Tashmuhamedov – the scientist high, deeply basic, talented researcher, great organizer and the popular writer of a science is in blossoming of a creative power and new plans. Showing huge working capacity, it continues to give generously the knowledge and the teacher for the blessing of development of a biophysical science in Uzbekistan. The created B.A.Tashmuhamedov school of thought is the worthy continuer of traditions of deep and impartial research of laws of functioning live methods of biological physics – future sciences.



  • «Studying of communication of biorhythms of plants with some astrophysical factors and working out on this basis of technology of definition of optimum time of crops and application of regulators of growth of plants», the head A.K.Tonkih.
  • «Studying of interrelation phytochrome - and an auxin-induced of reactions in plants», the head Tashmuhamedov B. A.
  • «Membrane mechanisms of regulation of calcium homeostasis and the power status of animal cells», the head prof. M. V.Zamaraeva
  • «Research of mechanisms of transmembrane carrying over of the ions induced by new derivatives of crown-ethers», head O. Jaryshkin
  • «Molecular mechanism of Cyclosporin A-induced vasoconstruction and blood pressure increase» under program SCOPES – Scientific Co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland.
  • «Research of biophysical principles of formation, structure and regulation nanoscopic pore in artificial and biological membranes», the head R. Z. Sabirov
  • «Research of the mechanism of regulation maxianion channel in cells of a cancer of a mammary gland», the head A.H. Tojchiev
  • «Calcium disregulation as trigger of apoptosis in muscular dystrophy» under program SCOPES
  • «Prion proteins and Alzheimers” s Peptides: Molecular Studies ” under the NATO program.


  • Was born on January, 27th 1935 in Tashkent in a family Known Uzbek writer Ajbek.
  • 1953 – has left school in Tashkent.
  • 1958 – has ended biological faculty of the Moscow State University.
  • 1958-1962 – the Post-graduate student of biological faculty of the Moscow State University.
  • 1962 – has protected the PhD’s thesis.
  • 1962-1963 – the younger research assistant of chair of biophysics of Tashkent GovUni.
  • 1963-1972 – the Senior lecturer of department of biochemistry and biophysics
  • 1965-1977 – the chief of laboratory of biophysics of Institute of biochemistry of Acad Sci. UzSSR.
  • 1971 – has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree.
  • 1971 – the trip to the USA as a part of public delegation.
  • 1972-1980 – the Professor of department of biochemistry and biophysics Tashkent GovUni.
  • – scientific training at the Berlin university.
  • 1975 – the Participant of V International biophysical congress (Copenhagen, Denmark).
  • 1977-1985 – the Head of department of biophysics of Institute of Biochemistry Acad Sci. UzSSR..
  • – the Participant of the Soviet-American symposium on biomembranes (USA).
  • 1978 – Scientific training at Merilend University (BalYotimor, the USA).
  • 1979-1986 – Managing biophysics and protection chair circles TashGU.
  • 1979 – election as a member-correspondent of Acad Sci. UzSSR.
  • 1980 – the Participant of the Soviet-Swedish symposium (Sweden).
  • 1985 – the Winner of the State award of the USSR for a series of works «Neurotoxins as research tools of molecular mechanisms of generation of a nervous impulse».
  • 1985-1992 – the Director of Institute of physiology of Acad Sci. UzSSR.
  • 1992-1995 – the Chairman of Republic Uzbekistan VAK.
  • 1994 – the Participant of the International meeting on Aral sea in the area of the United Nations (France).
  • 2001, 2003 – scientific business trip to Japan for carrying out of joint researches on intracellular signalling in a brain.
  • 2004 – scientific business trip in National institute of physiology Okazaki (Japan).
  • 2004 - scientific business trip to Australia
  • 2011г. China


  • 1981 - has protected the PhD's thesis.
  • 1993 - has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree.
  • 2000 - the head of fund NUUz.
  • 2003 - the participant of the international symposium, Gdansk, Poland
  • 2004 - the participant of the international symposium, Australia.
  • 2007 - the participant of the international symposium, Warsaw, Poland.
  • 2007-2011 - performs work within the limits of the international or other scientific grants

Total of scientific works – 120, from them the monography - 2; Textbooks, methodical workings – 2.



  • 2005-2009 – managing chair of biophysics NUUz
  • 2009 – Present - the manager a laboratory of molecules physiology of institute of Phisiology and Biophysics Acad.Sci. Uzb.
  • Since 1993 - actively cooperates with Institute of physiology, performs joint research works (Osaka, Japan).
  • Since 1995 - a member of a physiological society of Japan
  • Since 1997 – a member of a physiological society of Great Britain
  • Since 2003 – a member of a physiological society of Uzbekistan
  • Since 2004 – a member of a biophysical society of the USA
  • Since 2006 the expert Of High Qualification Committee of Acad. Sci.Uzb.